Laurel and Hinrich Muller started LM Graphics in 1989, at the dawn of the desk-top publishing era, offering cutting-edge computer graphic services to textbook publishers. In the 22 years since that beginning, the publishing business has changed a lot, but our dedication to personalized service and attention to detail has not.

We recently renamed our business Cohographics in honor of our Pacific Northwest home. We still bring the same careful accuracy and technical understanding to every publishing project.

What We Do

The core product of our company is technical illustration and composition for high school and college textbooks. We have experience in several educational fields, including all levels of mathematics, chemistry, physics, genetics, electronics, statistics, social science, accounting, business, health sciences, public safety, and foreign languages.

We also offer book design, photo services, and posters and other publicity services.

Who We Work For

Most of our clients are textbook publishers (check out a partial list here). Other clients include the World Health Organization, for which we have produced publications in French, Spanish, and Russian.

What We Can Do For You

Please contact us about your publishing needs. We often do large, long-term projects, but we are also prepared to start working for you on short notice, so consider us for help if your project gets bogged down. Let us know if you need more information or samples.